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How to Choose a Wedding Cake

By Joe Calabro - Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana Ltd.

Every bride deserves that special symbol of good luck on her Wedding Day. That symbol is her Wedding Cake. The Wedding Cake brings the whole reception together as well as becoming part of your memories for that special day. It forms part of the decor and gets captured in photographs as well as becoming part of the meal when it gets eaten by your honoured guests. Not to exclude the groom on this special day, he too can have his very own cake known as "the groom's cake" which can be specially designed for him.

Today with the wide variety of choice, from vanilla, chocolate, carrot , fruit, spice, pound, tropical, real or fake cakes to choose from, anything is possible. Your Wedding Cake can be in any shape you choose as well as in any colour you choose. It can be decorated with pastiage flowers having the look of porcelain or with silk flowers or you can use the real thing, fresh flowers. You can also have your cake decorated with blown and pulled sugar work. It is your special day, so whatever you want is what we will try to make reality. If you have something unique in mind, let us know and we will try to make it happen.

Where to begin? The first thing you need to figure out is how much do I want to spend, how many people do I need to feed, what kind of cake do I want and how do I want it decorated. All these questions can be answered by one very important person, your pastry chef. He has the capability of making your dream come true. Your next thought is, where do I find a reputable chef. You may have heard about someone by word-of-mouth, he may be recommended by your friend, co-workers, caterer or wedding planner. It would be wise to start shopping early so that you can compare prices and quality and get the best value for your money. Visit a few places, look at pictures in your favourite bridal magazine, sample different flavors and ask many questions. Also look for shops that have a showroom displaying wedding cake models so that you may be able to see the real thing.


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