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Now we come to the scariest thought of all, the price. You know what you want and like but can you afford it. Most chefs can help you budget for your dream cake. What does the price of a wedding cake include? Wedding cake prices usually depend on size, that is; how many people it serves, how many tiers or layers, the design, which includes either a simple or elaborate one and the type of cake chosen including flavors and fillings. Other charges you can expect to pay are delivery and set-up charges, price of the ornament chosen to adorn the top of the cake, and items such as flowers, ribbons and other embellishments used to decorate the cake. You also have the choice of renting an artificial wedding cake to your liking. Now you are all set to put in your order. This will be confirmed in writing. All wedding cakes should be ordered six to eight weeks in advance.

We also prepare, for your enjoyment, as well as for that o your honoured guest, what is known as a "sweet table". This sweet table is a beautifully decorated display of a multitude of fruits, pastries, cakes, ice sculptures and chocolate sculptures. The size of the sweet table is determined by the number of guests at your reception.

Yet another service we can provide is dessert on plate. This consists of a specially selected dessert which is elegantly presented on individual plates.

Once your order is finalized, if you have a reputable chef, he will take charge of everything so that you won't have to worry about your special dessert until you and your husband get photographed beside it and share a piece of it for the very first time. This is what memories are made of, so let us help you make your dreams come true.


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